About Toyota Financial Services Carpooling

The world of getting to work is changing.

Traffic congestion is a global issue contributing to life threatening pollution.

Governments around the world are committed to reducing congestion and vehicle emissions.

Everyday thousands of co-workers drive past each other, sit next to each other in traffic and compete for the same parking spaces.

Toyota Financial Service have the solution – Toyota Financial Services Carpooling.

By connecting co-workers travelling in the same direction we can move four people into one car, taking three cars off the road.

By verifying carpooling we can empower employers to offer significant rewards, eg prioritised employee parking, to employees carpooling.

By offering recognition, incentive & reward every organisation can create their own carpooling network for the benefit of their employees and the world around them.

For example, Queens Hospital in East London now has a new car parking policy; only those employees engaged in carpooling, verified through the TFS Carpooling app, can park on site. Everyone else must find alternate public parking and walk some distance across town.

Three nurses at Queens Hospital, Marichel, Joel & Bunny, all used to drive to work separately, each would spend over €1200 per year on commuting to work. Now, having connected through the Toyota Finance Carpooling app, they travel to and from work together, saving around €500 pa each, and get priority parking on site at the hospital saving time looking for a space and walking to the hospital.

We’re here to help. Call Toyota FS Carpooling on +44207 387 1133 or email help@toyotacarpooling.com